Affordable prime land in Kenya can be used for commercial, agricultural and residential purposes. Affordable prime land in Kenya can be found in satellite towns that boarder majot cities such as Kitengela, Ngong, Kamulu and Konza.

1. Kagundo Road

The construction of the eastern bypass opened up the area of Kagundo Road and thereby increasing demand for properties in that area. The dual carriage road eased traffic congestion from Nairobi and Kagundo Road. This, in turn, has made the area more attractive to potential investors.

2. Malaa

Malaa town is located along Kagundo Road. The town has really grown and gated communities have been constructed such as Kamulu heights, Fadhili homes and Safaricom investment sacco estate. Construction of these gated communities has made Malaa town more attractive to investors.

3. Konza City

Konza City is a flagship project by the government of Kenya aiming to build a world-class city powered by a thriving information, communications and technology sector. Konza will have the first information technology university in Kenya that is expected to be opened in Establishing schools will help in fast tracking development in Konza. Furthermore, developments in the area will increase the value of land in Konza, despite this, land in Konza can be purchased at an affordable price.

4.Tinga Town

This a town located approximately 65kms from Nairobi CBD and just after Ongata Rongai. Tinga is a developed town with schools, hospitals, police stations, water and electricity. The construction of the Southern bypass will open up the Tinga town. Property here can be found at an affordable price.

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About ProHapa

Bringing you the finest property management solutions, ProHapa is the go-to software for every individual connected to the real estate industry. We take pride in serving a vast number of clients in the past fifteen years and we aim to help more people in the future. The idea behind the venture was to ease the process of property search and other property-related tasks. No doubt, the app has proven to be great for property owners and managers. In addition to this, we have tried our best to make the app user-friendly so that everyone can benefit from our property management software, South Africa.

How Can You Benefit from ProHapa?

Here are all the ways our property management software, South Africa is going to bring convenience to your life.

  • Hassle-free Procedure

Imagine the times when you were required to travel to property managers and tenants residing in the other corner of the city. It was certainly distressing because it fed off your energy. By downloading our application, you would no longer be required to physically visit the relevant people. The ProHapa application allows you to manage nearly everything by tapping a few times on your device. Needless to say, this definitely saves your time and of course, your energy.

  • Experienced Team

ProHapa has been in the business for more than a decade now due to which the team has experienced a lot in the world of real estate. There is no doubt about the fact that each member of our team is well-versed and knows how to assist customers in the best possible way.

  • Reliability

To keep our services foolproof, we maintain a proper record of every activity you carry out through our property management software, South Africa. The records help you catch a glimpse on whatever property deals you made in the past if a state of confusion arises during any time of your life. Moreover, it can also help to end disputes over a deal you make through our software.

  • Cost-saving

Travelling does not only consume time and energy, but it also ends up disrupting your month’s budget. In this case, our application is certainly a blessing in disguise as you don’t have to travel miles across the city. In simple words, it cuts down on your transportation expenses.

Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of services and a few of them are included in the list below.

And a lot more.

Want to know more about the property management solution, South Africa? Contact us on the details given on

How to find affordable housing in Nairobi, Kenya

How to find affordable housing in Nairobi, Kenya

How to find affordable housing in Nairobi, Kenya

The Government of Kenya has made affordable housing a priority by including it as one of the Big Four Agenda of government. Affordable housing has been on the rise in Kenya especially in counties such as Machakos, Kiambu and Kajiado. The Covid -19 pandemic has particularly hit the real estate sector hard. With many trying to make ends meet the need for affordable housing has been high. However, the real estate sector has developed new strategies to cushion investors and developers. Some of these strategies include restructuring of loans, landlords reducing the rent to ease on tenants and allowing buyers to have more bargaining power which has led to buyers with ready cash to negotiate for huge discounts. House hunting in Nairobi can be difficult and frustrating. This is because it takes time and with a busy schedule it can take a toll on you. Additionally, the risk of getting into the trap of scammers are high because it is difficult to tell what is real or fake online and scammers use this to their advantage. Furthermore, property seekers find themselves paying arrears left behind by previous tenants. Needless to say, house hunting in Nairobi can be tedious and difficult. Propertyhapa has ensured that house hunting has been made easier and more fun. Propertyhapa offers a wide range of affordable properties to choose from all within your budget. It also ensures that agents are professional and have been vetted. This eliminates any risk of getting scammed. Their website has been tailored to be user friendly with photos attached to every property listing. Did I mention that Propertyhapa also assists property owners to manage their properties? This includes both residential and commercial properties. Entirely, this means you can be living outside Kenya and you need not worry because your properties are well managed. They have so skilfully managed to do this by using an online property management software called ProHapa. For more information visit:

Property management software Cape Town, South Africa

Property management software Cape Town, South Africa

Property management software Cape Town, South Africa

At ProHapa, we are committed to providing the most extensive real estate software solutions to our valued clients. We specialize in property management software Cape Town, South Africa and take pride in helping numerous real estate investors with property management issues. In the future, we aim to expand our operations further so a vast majority can benefit from our software that helps fulfill l multiple property-related needs. Needless to say, ProHapa is every real estate investor’s heaven.

Why Choose ProHapa

The ever hardworking team at ProHapa always strives to provide the right set of guidelines to its valued clients. We have always been focused on making the process of investing in real estate hassle-free and quick. You don’t have to travel frequently to your property as the application does the greater part of the job. Our property management software Cape Town, South Africa is everything a devoted real estate investor asks for.

Our values are based on honesty, integrity, and trust to provide the best services to all our clients. We make sure to surpass your expectation levels to maintain loyalty and credibility.

In addition to this, our support team comprises of dynamic and seasoned individuals who are always there to solve your queries right away. Have any questions related to our software and services? Simply get in touch with the customer support team and you will have your questions answered within a short time.

Above all, we have been in business since 2003 and over these years we have gained adequate knowledge and expertise related to tenanmanagement syste and other aspects of real estate. Our team is extremely well-versed and dedicated when it comes to real estate. We keep investing in research and development to stay updated on different aspects of the real estate industry to give you updated knowledge. This has enabled us to give every real estate investor the quality they deserve and this is what makes us stand out in this crowded industry.

Who Can Benefit

Our property management software Cape Town, South Africa is targeted towards anyone interested in real estate. To be more specific, the application is highly useful for anyone looking for convenience.

Visit our website for more information on real estate business software and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. We will be delighted to assist you at the earliest and in the best possible way.

Property Management Software Nairobi, Kenya

Property Management Software Nairobi, Kenya

Property Management Software Nairobi, Kenya

ProHapa has been in the business of real estate for nearly a decade and a half. It is a property management software Nairobi, Kenya that is the ultimate solution for all your property-related needs. The business aims to bring unimaginable amounts of convenience and real estate software solutions to property owners and managers by letting them manage their properties through a user-friendly application. To date, ProHapa has successfully managed to help several customers by aiding them in managing and handling their properties without going through any trouble.

How Can You Benefit from ProHapa

You can gain a number of advantages by using property management software Nairobi, Kenya. Here is how ProHapa will make your life easier:

  • No Hassle

Frequent trips to tenants and property managers are quite exhausting especially when you have multiple other things on your to-do-list. The hassle takes up quite a major chunk of your time which does not let you focus on the other important bits of your life. Our web based property management system is a  great solution to the problem as a lot of property-related work can be managed through the app and you are not required to travel around.

  • Cost-Saving

You save a reasonable amount of money by not having to travel frequently as the charges can sometimes be too heavy on your pocket. This real estate business software is highly beneficial in this regard as the subscription fee is highly affordable.

  • Reliable Services

The team at ProHapa puts a great deal of hard work to keep its services foolproof and reliable. To maintain the highest quality standards, a proper record is kept along with in-depth checks and balances.  We are sure that this will turn out to be the best real estate property management software for you.

  • Experienced Team

As mentioned above, the company has been in business for more than a decade so it has adequate knowledge related to real estate. The entire team has hands-on experience which enables it to transfer the right set of information and services to its customers.

ProHapa’s Core Values

The company works on the basis of certain core values which reflect its philosophy and motto.

  • Innovation

The team continuously strives to bring as much innovation as possible to become a progressive firm and to provide excellent services to its customers.

  • Integrity

The company believes in doing what is right to promote honesty and respect.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Customers are believed to be a company’s greatest asset so the team is always up to keeping its customers satisfied through exceptional customer services.

  • Competency

The company frequently conducts in-depth research to pass on the correct information and to add more value to its services. We continuously strive to provide the best real estate software solutions.

To know more about property management software Nairobi, Kenya by ProHapa, visit our website.