by | Jan 28, 2022 | Professional Property Managers

Affordable prime land in Kenya can be used for commercial, agricultural and residential purposes. Affordable prime land in Kenya can be found in satellite towns that boarder majot cities such as Kitengela, Ngong, Kamulu and Konza.

1. Kagundo Road

The construction of the eastern bypass opened up the area of Kagundo Road and thereby increasing demand for properties in that area. The dual carriage road eased traffic congestion from Nairobi and Kagundo Road. This, in turn, has made the area more attractive to potential investors.

2. Malaa

Malaa town is located along Kagundo Road. The town has really grown and gated communities have been constructed such as Kamulu heights, Fadhili homes and Safaricom investment sacco estate. Construction of these gated communities has made Malaa town more attractive to investors.

3. Konza City

Konza City is a flagship project by the government of Kenya aiming to build a world-class city powered by a thriving information, communications and technology sector. Konza will have the first information technology university in Kenya that is expected to be opened in Establishing schools will help in fast tracking development in Konza. Furthermore, developments in the area will increase the value of land in Konza, despite this, land in Konza can be purchased at an affordable price.

4.Tinga Town

This a town located approximately 65kms from Nairobi CBD and just after Ongata Rongai. Tinga is a developed town with schools, hospitals, police stations, water and electricity. The construction of the Southern bypass will open up the Tinga town. Property here can be found at an affordable price.

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