Commercial Property Management Made Easy

ProHapa Commercial Property Management is a modern way to manage and grow your commercial property management business. ProHapa’s software solution is quick and easy to implement and learn. Better yet, ProHapa is designed to grow with you as your business grows. ProHapa is a robust commercial property management system that is fully integrated and packed with functionality.

Create CAM bills and invoices with just a couple of clicks. ProHapa will auto apply the CAM bill to all the active tenants. Review your CAM reconciliation records for a single commercial building or owner. Creating CAM invoices has never been this easy.

ProHapa helps you manage commercial properties by including a powerful way to manage your assets, giving you the ability to know where your assets are, the condition and to set reminders for regular maintenance. 

ProHapa also allows you to attach ‘How To’ videos for asset management. These videos are included in your reminders that you can automatically send to current tenants, property owners or vendors. Regular maintenance helps to protect and extend the life of your assets. Easy on-boarding reduces time and saves you money compared to competitors. To help you manage your commercial property even better, ProHapa is totally scalable. Need some new features to help you manage your commercial property portfolio? We will implement into ProHapa at no cost to you. That is our commitment!

With ProHapa, you can set progressive rent increases over the course of the commercial lease. For example, if you have a 5 year lease, you can set the rent to increase by a flat fee or % starting at year 2 or year 3 etc. ProHapa will handle all the upcoming invoices with the appropriate increases.

ProHapa commercial property management offers the ability to grow your commercial portfolio through the most robust web-based tools available. Our latest release includes all the features you would expect as a property manager and landlord. ProHapa commercial real estate includes a comprehensive asset management tool which tracks all assets, with the ability to transfer those assets between rental units and even buildings. Monitor all your service agreements, schedule regular maintenance and create automatic reminders for general maintenance.

You will save time and money, as well as have the assurance that your assets are properly maintained.

Manage all your commercial leases online with ProHapa’s e-document integration. Generate leases with just a few clicks and automatically send to the tenants for review and execution.

ProHapa includes complete communication ability via SMS or email. Improve relationships by tracking all communication with all your tenants and owners.

With ProHapa Accounting, financial reports can be generated for a specific property, building or owner.