This software application enables property management companies to access all details pertaining a property, with a dashboard giving an overview of the day, with all important or urgent information and tasks; tenant background with all necessary information; leases – new and expired, rent: paid and due, with online payments and e-receipts; applications; short lets such as holiday lets and serviced apartments; work orders: new, pending and completed; forms and letters as well as ready drafted memos to staff, tenants or both; accounting – invoices, balance sheets and ledgers with compiled statements dating

To whenever and backed up safely; asset management- for furnished units keeping record of all assets within an apartment; activities such as scheduled meetings with the high priority on display on the dashboard, keeping track of all small tasks with to-do lists, sticky notes and reminders; communication within the software including contact tenants, landlords, vendors, to manage communications all from one place; reports available daily, weekly or monthly as per your request.

Within the software, tenants have access to information and features including lease forms online ready to fill with e-signature and backed up for future references; rent paid, due and receipts, invoices on all transactions, work orders posted to the app to request vendor services (with photos), direct communication with the property management through a ready drafted email or text within the app. One no longer requires a separate means of communication, thereby making it faster and more effective and promoting time management. Having been designed by think tanks within the property management sector, ProHapa has included within it everything pertaining to the sector, in more a detailed yet simplified way to ensure maximum profitability to its users while easing the load of the management companies.


Schedule your appointments with tenants, showings, and maintenance crews all in one location with our scheduler.

Background Screening

Trusting in your future tenants is essential for your peace of mind. We offer background screenings to make the decision simple.

Complete Accounting

Schedule your appointments with tenants, showings, and maintenance crews all in one location with our scheduler.


Emails, phone calls, texts — make communication straightforward and intuitive by turning to Prohapa.

Online Applications

Find the best fit for properties by sending applicants to an easy online application. Customize the questions to fit your needs.

Onsite Property Inspections

Our mobile app ensures your tenants are moving into (and leaving) rental properties in the best possible condition.

Online Payments

Process rent online without taking time out of your day. We have simple online payment options for landlords and property managers.


Manage your properties and see your cumulative data in one fell swoop. Our reports allow you to see everything at a glance.

Work Order Management

From damages that need to be repaired, to replacements and upgrades, you can manage your work orders with Prohapa.