Manage Properties The Way You Want

In online lease management software, you need powerful and flexible solutions that allow you to manage your business as effectively as possible. As a real estate property manager or property owner, you need to manage all aspects of the business from advertising, leasing and maintenance to accounting. The best lease management software should provide you with the flexibility to operate the way you need to.

Technology changes and so online lease management software should change to keep up with the latest tools to provide you the greatest flexibility. ProHapa provides a plethora of customization options to overcome your biggest real estate leasing challenges.

Online Rental Applications

Most tenants in today’s society expect online applications they can access from anywhere and on any device. ProHapa’s lease management software provides a prospective tenant the ability to complete the online rental application as well as pay the application fee via credit card. Upon submission, the applicant’s data is automatically entered into ProHapa’s database with a status of ‘applicant’. In addition, you will be automatically assigned a task to process the new application. Once processed, you can quickly create a lease along with the related invoices for rent and security deposit.

Integrated Tenant Screening

Any ‘best lease management software’ should include completely integrated screening services. With ProHapa’s online lease management software, you can order screening with 2 simple clicks. Results are displayed in a matter of seconds for your review. No one wants a bad renter. They can lead to higher turnover rate, expensive repairs and the headaches that come with an eviction. With ProHapa, tenant screening is easy and fast. You can order screening by simply clicking the ‘Screening’ button on the applicants’ page. No need to leave ProHapa in order to order background screening. This will save you time and speed up the overall application processing.

Lower your Risk and Cost by tracking all real estate documents online with ProHapa. Manage all your leases with ProHapa’s e-document integration.

We integrate with the leading digital software for creating, signing and transmitting documents between leasing agents and tenants.

Work the way you want to work! Whether you work from the office or on the go, you can manage leases and all your other documents through the mobile apps.

Modify templates, review executed documents, resend documents and create new documents from any mobile device.

All packages are provided in an easy-to-read format. Reports are displayed in seconds, ready for your review.