Q: How does ProHapa compare to others such as Appfolio, Buildium or the free options?

A: ProHapa™ is a complete property management comparable to Buildium, Yardi and Appfolio. However, ProHapa has a lower entry price point. We are the least expensive solution among the comparable products (see our pricing page for comparison chart). ProHapa is not a ‘lite’ or scaled down version. ProHapa will grow with you as your portfolio grows. We also view customers as our “Business Partners”. That means we work together to grow your portfolio. It’s a different mindset that makes a BIG difference. ProHapa has grown because of our customer’s feedback as well as our own investment experience. This leads to a very powerful and feature rich software solution. We also add new features on a regular basis. The other notable difference is that our parent company is a real estate company that actively invests, develops/builds and manages residential properties. We eat breath and sleep real estate. We are more than just a technology company. This means we are constantly adding new features that benefits everyone with no additional cost.

Q: How Long Has The Company Been In Business?

A: Our company has been in business for over 15 years. We are a technology company with several software solutions in the real estate, medical and law enforcement markets. We have experienced exceptional growth over the years. We support thousands of users in multiple countries. We have an experienced team of professionals in all areas of our business. This experience is evident in our support of our customers.

Q: What is ProHapa’s Definition of Buildings and Properties?

A: In ProHapa, a property is anything that you “lease” out. A SFH, apartment, room, dorm, suite, lot etc. Some people call properties units or doors. For example, if you have a large boarding house for college students, each “room” that you lease is a “property” in ProHapa. For mobile home parks, a property would be the lots that you lease. If you also own the MH on the lot, your property would simply be the MH that includes the lot. If you own a commercial strip store, your properties would be each suite in that strip. For malls, all the store suites would be properties. A quad unit would consist of 4 properties, duplex would be 2 properties etc. If you can write a lease for it, it’s a property.

Q: Are there any contracts?

A: No. ProHapa™ is month to month. We are so confident that our software will meet your needs that a contract is not needed to keep you as a valued customer.

Q: What if I want to Cancel?

A: You can cancel at any time for any reason. Once you cancel, your credit card will not be billed.

Q: How does the trial version work?

A: We offer a free 15 day trail for you to ‘kick the tires’. There are no feature limitations with the exception of any 3rd party optional services (tenant screening, online payments). Any data you enter during your trial will be available for you once you sign up. You can sign up anytime during the 15 day trial period.

Q: Do I need to enter a credit card for the trial version?

A: No. We do not require any form of payment at the start of the trial. Credit card information will be required prior to the trial expiration in order to continue using the software.

Q: What is the current version of ProHapa?

A: We released v3 the middle August 2018. While this was a major upgrade release, ProHapa has minor upgrades on a weekly basis with new features requested by our customers.

Q: What features does ProHapa™ include?

A: Great question. Here is the top list of features:

  • Property Management
  • Automatic Reminders (Change filters, Appointments, Overdue Work Orders etc.)
  • Online Payments
  • Multi-Language (change the software into your preferred language)
  • Mobile apps for Owners and Tenants (Android or iOS)
  • Property Inspections mobile app for onsite inspections (Android or iOS)
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting (bank reconciliation, receivables, payables, GL etc.)
  • Work Orders (can also be added by tenant through their mobile app)
  • Vacancy Posting (Apartments.com, Zillow.com)
  • Online Leases
  • Communication via Text & Emails (to owners, tenants and vendors)
  • Document Management (upload documents from owners, tenants and vendors)
  • Unlimited Support, Storage and Training
  • Task Management (create tasks for action items along with reminders)
  • Reports (owner statement, rent rolls and any data that is captured in ProHapa)
  • Online Applications
  • Auto Calculate Late Fees
  • Recurring Transactions (invoices, bills)
  • Invoice Reminders
Q: How do I get billed?

A: You are billed automatically the day you sign up for the subscription (excluding the trial period)

Q: Can the software be customized?

A: Absolutely! There are built in levels of customization but if you need something that is currently not available, we will add it at NO CHARGE! Why would we do this? Glad you asked, because you are the expert. Our software is built on our customers suggestions and expertise. Our programmers love to add new features and they are quick.

Q: What Countries and monies can ProHapa accommodate?

A: a.We designed ProHapa™ to allow users to change to the language of their choice. Want Spanish? Simply use the dropdown and change to Spanish. Like magic, the site changes.
b. We use Stipe for all our payment processing. Stripe can handle 135+ currencies.

Q: What if I need a report that you don’t currently have?

A: Not a problem. We will create it for you at no charge. Our programmers are itching for more work

Q: How secure is my data?

A: Your data is extremely secure. We use Linode, a certified data center and data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL technology. For most customers, your data is more secure with us then on your own computers in the office. Backups are performed on a daily basis. Learn more about the data centers’ security at https://www.linode.com/security

Q: Can I export my data?

A: You sure can. You can export your data right from within ProHapa. We export to CSV and Excel format.

Q: Is there a user limitation?

A: No. Our software is priced by # of properties (doors/units) and not users.

Q: What if I need to add more properties (units)?

A: You can increase your subscription license at any time. All subscriptions are auto calculated and the next bill will be updated accordingly to reflect your # of units.

Q: Are there any extra charges?

A: Not for our subscription. There are some optional add on charges but they are optional and it’s your choice if you want to use them. Options include: Tenant Screening (back ground checks, credit reports), Renters Insurance and Online Payments. If you choose to use these add on features, you can pass the fee along to the tenant such as with an application fee to cover the background and credit checks, ‘convenience fees’ to cover Stripe (ePayments) fees etc.

Q: What subscription plans are available?

A: We have one simple plan for all property managers/landlords. That means you get all the features no matter the # of units you manage. Why should we hold off some very cool features just because you’re not managing 500 units? Some companies do this to lower the cost for the smaller property managers. Our product is so reasonably priced, that it doesn’t benefit us to withhold features.

Q: How does the Tenant Screening work?

A: We have integrated with Reliable Backgound Screening to provide this service and to offer the best price possible. We chose Reliable Background Screening due to its accuracy and minimal false positives. There are places to be frugal but managers are more concerned with reliable backgrounds then budget screening services. Having a new tenant spend a couple of nights in a hotel while you straighten out an incorrect background screening is not worth the $3-$5.00 savings. Our packages range from $22-$25. We have 3 options: 1) Credit Report with FICO Score, National Eviction and CORE Criminal. 2) Credit Report, National Eviction and CORE Criminal or 3) National Eviction and CORE Criminal. This is a great service because you get the reports instantly instead of having to wait for someone else to run it for you and then email you.

Q: What types of Properties will work with ProHapa™ ?

A: All types will work. From Commercial to Section 8, Single Family, Quads to Apartments. While different types of properties have different requirements, ProHapa™ is your one-stop solution. While we strive to be perfect, if you find something that we missed, let us know. We will add it at NO COST. Even if you don’t subscribe to us, please send us your suggestions anyways. ProHapa™ is built from suggestions from experts like you. We love to add new features.

Q: What’s the story behind ProHapa™ ?

A: The CEO has been investing in real estate for many years. The founders are technology business people with 2 prior successful software companies. In the search for software to manage their own rental properties, they discovered that most of the products out there were old and out dated and/or missing key features. Not satisfied with the choices, they decided to put together the development team to design a property manager software solution that uses the latest technologies. They also dedicated themselves to building ProHapa™ around what real property managers want and need. Many of the products they reviewed were obviously designed by programmers and not property managers. (no offense to programmers – the CEO is a programmer – see the About Us page)

Q: What types of computers does ProHapa™ run on?

A: Any type that has internet connection. From Windows PC to Mac to tablets and smart phones. We specifically formatted the site to auto fit tablets and smart phones. That allows you to work from anywhere and anytime. You gotta love today’s technology.

Q: Do you offer custom websites?

A: Yes. We can build a custom site for your business and create your own online application page. Since ProHapa does not have a setup fee and our entry point is low, a custom site is an additional cost. There is a small one-time development fee and a hosting fee of $5.00 per month. With that, we maintain your site and integration into ProHapa.

Q: What are the e-Payment processing fees and how soon do I get paid?

A: We utilize Stripe as our payment solution.

A: ACH is the recommended option. The cost per transaction starts as low as .50c to $1.00 per transaction. This fee can be passed on to the tenant as a convenience fee.

A: All bank accounts are verified and run through fraud protection services before validation. The first time you process a payment, it takes 5-7 business days. After your first payment, transfers arrive in your bank account on a 2-day rolling basis.

A: Credit Card charges are 2.9% + .30c

A: International cards + 1%

A: Processing fees are often passed on to the tenant as a convenience fee.

A: You can learn more at https://stripe.com/us/pricing

Q: Can I import my current data?

A: Yes. You can send us your data in CSV, Excel format and we will import for you.

A: However, we do not import accounting records. We typically can import Tenants, Owners, Buildings, Properties, Leases and Work Orders.

A: Importing data is generally included at no additional charge, however depending on the quality of the data files and any special work needed on the data, charges may apply on a case by case basis.