Residential Property Management Software – A New Approach

We are committed to implementing the latest technology into our residential property management software. With the emergence of new technology, ProHapa is always looking for new ways to implement new features in order to help our customers grow their business. Our customers who manage residential properties, are always looking for ways to improve processes and save time. Our Residential Management Software is the culmination of technology. 

Our goal is to create a property management software that empowers you to grow your property management business. We have a diverse set of partners in property management software as well as real estate agents and large commercial property managers. Implement & Scale!

Top Notch Accounting

Fully integrated accounting reduces your workload as you manage residential properties. A single click to Save a new lease will automatically generate one-time and recurring invoices. No additional accounting work is required.

Recurring invoices are automatically generated and made available for online payments. In addition to that, late fees are also automatically calculated and applied to existing invoices.

Tenants can pay their invoices online which automatically updates your accounting records as paid and records the deposit without user intervention.

With ProHapa accounting and residential property management software, you can configure to generate Owner statements, Management Fee reports and Owner invoices (for your management fee). These invoices and report are automatically emailed to all property owners on a regular basis without any user intervention on your part.

ProHapa’s Residential Property Management software is a web-based application designed to minimize the workload required by landlords.

Landlords Can:

  • Have the applicant complete the online application
  • Collect Online Rent
  • Syndicate their vacancies to the online rental sites
  • Complete all the documents online via Dotloop
  • Maintain their residential properties through our work order system
  • Schedule regular maintenance of equipment
  • Have logged communications with tenants via SMS or email

And so much more!

With ProHapa Residential, managing residential rental properties just became so much easier.