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Our mission is to provide the most modern and feature rich property management software to all property owners and managers regardless of their portfolio size. ProHapa is one of the most affordable property management software solutions on the market. With more than 22 million individual real estate investors…

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ProHapa began with the idea of creating a property management platform that would generate an impact in the industry. We want to give our clients the tools they need to manage smaller units as well as large-scale residential properties and even commercial portfolios.

While our core business is software technology, we are also active real estate investors. That means our property management software (ProHapa) will be a comprehensive solution for other real estate investors as well. We eat, breath and sleep real estate. We constantly evaluate real estate deals, locate raw land for residential development projects and much more. We are on the front lines of property management trends and are very quick to add new features to ProHapa. While we continuously consult with property managers and real estate professionals, we also have some personal experience.

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Complete Accounting System

Under accounting; you can create Invoices, Receive Payments, Refunds Credits, Print Invoices, Enter Bills, Pay Bills, Recurring Transactions and many more…

Owner, Vendor & Tenant mobile apps

The mother software comes with four additional apps; the owner app, tenant app, vendor app and inspection app- all accessible… Read More

Online Payment

Within the software, an allocation for online transaction is available where transfer of funds is made possible at any time and any place…

Scheduler (appts/showings)

With an in-built scheduler, you can input all future tasks and assignments and the system will alert you of upcoming events as per your schedule.

Online Applications

ProHapa has an intergrated system that enables your property to be marketed at a provided time after lease expiry thus attracting prospective…


ProHapa, the property management software, ensures nothing related to a property is left out from accounting to complete reporting….

Online Real Estate Management Software

ProHapa is a robust online property management software that includes complete accounting along with all the key requirements for real estate property management software. It’s the ultimate property management application. PropHapa is designed for property managers of residential and commercial properties. The plethora of functionality, versatility and modern interface sets ProHapar out from the crowd. Best of all, it allows the landlord and property manager to handle every detail of online property management with efficiency and ease – reducing your time and saving you money.

Property Management Software

Work Orders

PropHapa includes full work order management in our online property management software…

Online Property Management Software

Multiple Leases Per Tenant Supported

Tenants who already lease a property can now add additional property leases mid-term. ProHapa allows…

Property Management Software

Commercial/ Residential Rent Roll

PropHapa includes rent roll reports for commercial and residential properties. Rent roll report is..

Real Estate Property Management Software

Buildings & Associated Properties

ProHapa property management software allows you to enter Buildings and related properties…


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